Smart Player


MP Exodus Smart Player (Black)

Smart Player


  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet Built-In enjoy fast internet entertainment
  • Netflix and YouTube watch whenever and ever
  • Live Score and Pitch trains your vocal range to the next level
  • 19000+ Songs OPM, English, Regional, KPOP additional 55,000+ Songs International Korean, Chinese, Japanese
  • Online Song Update Every Month via Website enjoy newest songs for free 2 years song authentication
  • Karaoke Console App Available
  • Megapro Plus Digital Songbook Available
  • Immersive 4K UHD Resolution view and see the colors in reality
  • Built-in Exhaust Fan, Built for Heavy Duty Use
  • Camera USB Video In see yourself while singing
  • Professional Sound/ Digital High Quality Mic and DSP Processor
  • Highest Sound Quality with Professional DAC Audio for audiophile sound quality
  • User Background Video Supported
  • Develop and Designed in Korea with Advance Technology

Introducing a Smart Player with Mobile Karaoke App for effortless song search and remote function capabilities. Watch your score rise as you sing with our live-scoring system. Record you songs and save it on your mobile phone or connect to a Wi-Fi or Ethernet then share it online. Turn your television into Smart TV with our built in apps (MiraCast, Youtube, Netflix, Chrome) for unlimited fun and entertainment that is beyond your imagination.


  • Over 19,000+ Song Library contains OPM, English, Regional, KPOP songs and additional 55,000+ International Songs (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish)
  • 1TB HDD Storage holds the Karaoke Contents
  • Multimedia Function allows you to play your favourite videos, photos, and music via USB
  • KARAOKE CONSOLE App use your smartphone as an alternative remote control with wide feature packed function(Screen Monitor your device, Save recorded songs directly to your phone, Easy to navigate Songlist and Remote control function NO NEED INTERNET AND IR BLASTER sensor)
  • High Quality Sound output with Professional DAC Audio that you will never miss the beat of every songs
  • 2 Ports High Quality Digital Mic and Selectable Reverb/Echo Processor that provides you to sing your heart out.
  • Song Recording allows you to record your song performance just save it and copy via USB or use your Karaoke Console App to save your song records.
  • Sound Effect: Inserting Special Sound Such as Applause / Cheering that allows you to cheer to the song performance whenever and ever
  • 4K UHD Resolution HDMI Digital Video output for clear and vibrant monitor interface
  • Analog RCA Audio and Video
  • USER BACKGROUND Video available use your personalized video as background video while singing
  • Camera USB Video IN see yourself while singing
  • On-Screen Navigation Songlist Searching - By Title / Artist / Country / MTV / MP3
  • Favorite List save your favourite songs up to 10 slots available
  • Selectable up to 15 Background Video Categories
  • Save Up-to 99 Favorite Songs via On-Screen Navigation
  • Reserve up to 999 Songs
  • Reserved Songs are Backed Up automatically In Case of Power Failure
  • Intelligent Scoring; Score Rating Selectable and Live Pitch function that will train you to sing your favourite songs in every right notes
  • USB Playback and Recording
  • Home -Use Karaoke & Business-use Karaoke Player
  • Coin – In function with selectable coin and song reservation
  • Monthly Song Update via Service Center nationwide

Download the MSMP Karaoke Console App: MSMP - Apps on Google Play

Unit Dimension : 26cm x 29cm x 9cm

Unit Weight : 2 kilos

What’s in the Box : 1 x Exodus Smart Player, 1 x Songbook, 1 x Manual, 1 x RCA, 1 x Remote, 2 x AAA Battery, 1 x HDMI Cable, 1 x PCB Board with Wiring Diagram and Wire

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