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SOFTWARE UPDATE For Marites, V5000,  Iñigo SD, MP 100 Hybrid and Piolo SD Karaoke Player July 2023

    1. Make sure to use Fat32 Format USB Flashdrive not higher than 16GB for complete compatibility. 
    2. Download the firmware on the link below and copy to the USB Flashdrive. 
    3. Power Off your karaoke unit and plug in your USB Flashdrive. 
    4. Power On the karaoke unit wait until load. Press Mode button and Press Enter to proceed with the update program. 
    5. Once done, remove flashdrive and turn off the karaoke unit. 
    6. Carefully remove the flashdrive and Power On your karaoke unit. 

    *Improve Karaoke Scoring System
    *Support for OLS (Original Live Sound) Song Arrangements
    *Bug Fixes for Song Playback