Karaoke Player


MP 7000JB HD

Karaoke Player | Karaoke Hard Disk Player


  • Megapro Plus Digital Songbook App Available
  • 1TB HDD High Capacity Storage
  • Up-to-date Songs every month
  • 19,000+ Songs OPM, English, Regional, and KPOP songs and 55,000+ International Songs Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean
  • Built-in Exhaust Fan, Built for Heavy Duty Use
  • Micro SD Playback
  • Professional Sound Module DreamSAM2634
  • High Quality Mic and Echo Processor
  • Develop and Designed in Korea with Advance Technology


High-end Hard Disk Karaoke Player with 1 TB HDD High Speed Storage loaded with over 19,000+ OPM, English, KPOP, and Regional Songs and 55,000+ International Songs and 6 Automatic Background Video Categories. High Quality Sound Module DreamSAM2634 and High Performance Mic Processor perfect for Commercial Use Karaoke.

  • Over 19,000+ Song Library contains OPM, English, Regional, KPOP songs and additional 55,000+ International Songs (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish)
  • 1TB HDD Storage holds the Karaoke Contents
  • Multimedia Function allows you to play your favourite videos, photos, and music via MicroSD
  • Dedicated Sound Processor DreamSAM2634 makes sophisticated sound quality that never miss the beat in every detail
  • 2 Ports High Quality Mic / Echo Processor that provides you to sing your heart out.
  • Song Recording allows you to record your song performance just save it and copy via MicroSD card.
  • Sound Effect: Inserting Special Sound Such as Applause / Cheering that allows you to cheer to the song performance whenever and ever
  • Full HDMI Digital Video output for clear and vibrant monitor interface
  • Analog RCA Audio and Video
  • On-Screen Navigation Songlist Searching - By Title / Artist / Country / MTV / MP3
  • Selectable up to 6 Background Video Categories
  • Save Up-to 99 Favorite Songs via On-Screen Navigation
  • Reserve up to 99 Songs
  • Reserved Songs are Backed Up automatically In Case of Power Failure
  • Intelligent Scoring; Score Rating Selectable
  • MicroSD Playback and Recording
  • Home -Use Karaoke & Business-use Karaoke Player
  • Coin In function with selectable coin and song reservation
  • Monthly Song Update via Service Center nationwide

Unit Dimension : 26cm x 27.6cm x 9cm

Unit Weight : 2.25 kilos

Power Source : 100VAC-240VAC, 50/60Hz, Auto Volt

Power Consumption : 15 Watts

What’s in the Box : 1 x MP7000JBHD Karaoke Hard Disk Player, 1 x Hard Bound Songbook, 1 x Manual, 1 x RCA, 1 x Remote, 2 x AAA Battery, 1 x PCB Board with Wiring Diagram and Wire

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