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Instructions on Song Update

1. Download the File (SPU File) using the link above.

2. Copy the downloaded SPU File on your Flash Drive (2GB or 4GB will do)

3. Boot up/Power ON your Exodus Smart Player, once the player is Ready

    INSERT the Flash Drive on the USB Slot.

4. Using the remote, go to SETTINGS ---> KARAOKE ---> SONG UPDATE

   (Note: The Default Password for Settings is 0000)

5. Wait while the unit reads the content of the Flash Drive, once it read the SPU File, 

   Select it (using Arrow Keys) then Press OK.

6. The screen will freeze on Song Update, wait until the update is done.

   (5-15 minutes waiting time/depends on the SPU File Size)

7. Once the screen back to normal, reboot the Unit.

8. Your Exodus Smart Player is now updated with the latest songs,

   check the Music List for the Additional List for your Smart Player