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  1. Download the software update on this links:
  2. Prepare a flash drive (8.67mb is sufficient) and download the corresponding update file to your unit model
  3. Plug your player to power, but don’t turn it ON (make sure there's NO CD inside)
  4. Plug the flash drive first before turning the player ON
  5. You should see Downloading Update on the TV screen, wait for the display to automatically shut off.
  6. Turn OFF player before unplugging the flash drive
  7. Your MP MS Player is now updated with the latest firmware and now ready to use.

Purpose of the update:

Compatibility update for all players except for MP 100NS - Volume 61 has a different encoding/programing, this update enables the karaoke players to play/read the new volume release.

MP 100NS Update - For HDMI video output update